Available Videos

Welcome from ESA Interim CEO Jason Burwen

Federal Policy Panel: The Road Ahead for Federal Regulations, Trade, & Public Investment

Keynote: The Next Storage Horizon at FERC – FERC Chair Richard Glick

Keynote: Making Energy Storage the Best: What’s Next After the BEST Act? – U.S. Senator Susan Collins

Keynote: Insights into the Congress and Opportunities for Transformative Clean Energy Investments – U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Panel: Where Storage Plugs into the 117th Congress’ Agenda

Keynote: Building Back Better in the Biden Administration – National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy

Day Two Welcome from ESA Interim CEO Jason Burwen

State Keynote: Leadership on Energy Storage in Virginia – Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan

Panel: Targets and Pathways for Energy Storage Deployment

Keynote: Changes and Opportunities in the First Market for Energy Storage – PJM Interconnection President & CEO Manu Asthana

Panel: Wholescale Change in Wholesale Markets

Keynote: Making Sure Storage Provides Value for Customers and States – Connecticut PURA Chair Marissa Gillett